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Soil Collapse Foundation Activities


Tower excavation activities are usually performed in hazardous conditions and can pose a lot of dangers to the trainees, as well as to people and vehicles passing by. Virtual Reality offers to provide hands-on training to these workers by bypassing all these hazards, in the confines of a virtual environment. In these modules, we have covered the key aspects of safe and unsafe practices involved in any foundation activity (soil collapse) across various work settings, which includes: 

  1. Power Transmission Lines 
  2. Oil & Gas Sector 

By considering the activities involved in all these verticals, we have covered the key aspects of safe and unsafe practices involved through the following immersive training modules: 

  1. Soil Collapse & Foundation Activities
  2. Soil Collapse – Equipment & usage
  3. Stub Setting by Template Method

Each of these modules has been presented in a clear and concise manner to cater to the better understanding, retention, and safety of the trainees.

Number of Modules: 3 (three) 

Total Module Time: 8 Minutes 9 Seconds

Description of Modules

Soil Collapse & Foundation Activities

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Certain precautions must be essentially initiated while working on a soil pit. This Virtual Reality experience seeks to educate viewers on the importance of adopting certain essential precautions, which may include reporting to the supervisor on the identification of any harmful materials, presence of underground cables, etc. It takes the viewer through both safe and unsafe scenarios of a foundation activity (soil collapse) in the Oil & Gas field.

Stub Setting by Template Method

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Stub-setting by template has a lot of safety provisions to be complied with. Apart from the wearing of the essential PPEs, other safety prerequisites like the usage of appropriate placement of jacks, usage of the right ladder, etc, are pivotal. This Virtual Reality demonstration educates workers on the know-how of navigating these scenarios

Soil Collapse - Equipment & Usage

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Working on a soil pit has its own challenges, all of which must be addressed through appropriate awareness. The conditions include appropriate stacking of soil, usage of the right ladder, the distance between the pit and concrete machine/self-loader, etc.  Workers would be allowed to experience these scenarios in safe and unsafe mode, which helps them to thoroughly understand the consequences of unsafe work.