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Safety Norms for Work at Heights


Working at height is inherently dangerous and it takes a single moment for a mishap. Around 1000 accidents are reported across the world on a daily basis, among which 33.5% of workers are victims of falls, while the rest are victims to other forms of worksite hazards including electrocution or being struck by an object, etc. Virtual Reality Safety Training is an immersive, engaging, and scalable platform where workers could experience first-hand, the safe and unsafe scenarios of each work process in real-time and can practice their otherwise hazardous tasks in the safety web of Immersive Reality, where physical training could prove too dangerous.

Safety training modules for working at heights have been designed for all key industries including:

  1. Power Transmission Lines 
  2. Railway Lines 
  3. Oil & Gas Sector 
  4. Power Substations 
  5. Utility & Power Distribution 
  6. Construction of Buildings, Factories, etc., and other such verticals. 

By considering the activities involved in all these verticals, we have covered the key aspects of safe and unsafe practices involved through 12 immersive training modules presented in a clear and concise manner to cater to the better understanding, retention, and safety of the trainees.

Number of Modules in Category: 12 (twelve)

Total Module Time: 35 minutes 04 seconds

Description of Modules

Ascending & Descending on Towers

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This Virtual Reality Training module is meant to train workers who would have to ascend and descend the towers for work on transmission lines. The experience educates them on the essential safety compliances to be followed while performing this job. The aspects covered in this training program include prior supervision of the site engineer/supervisor, usage of Vertical Lifeline Rope Grab/Retractable Fall Arrester, maintenance of 3-point contact, wearing of safety equipment, etc. Workers are allowed to perform safe and unsafe practices, which helps them understand the consequences of the latter.

Falls Through Floor Cut-Out Opening

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It is inevitable that cut-out openings, when left unprotected, could prove fatal. This Virtual Reality training experience has been designed to demonstrate the perils of the same and stresses the need for the implementation of basic safety measures. This includes the display of caution boards, barricades, and safety nets around the opening. The very purpose of Virtual Reality Training Programs is to habituate workers to safety norms through safe, gamified, and quicker training sessions.

Working over Ladder

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Caution is the name of the game here. Ladders in the hydrocarbon sector can be slippery, due to the presence of grease, snow, or ice. This Virtual Reality experience shows unsafe & safe methods of performing an activity, trains people on the prerequisites to be followed while working on a ladder by following the Safety procedures of maintaining the 3 Point Contact, using the Certified Ladder, wearing a safety harness, and using the ladder with 1-metre Projection on top.

Falls Through Lift Shaft Opening

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An official permit must be obtained from the site supervisor before working on a lift shaft. Temporary barricades are also necessary considering the inherent danger presented by the circumstances. This Virtual Reality demonstration prompts workers to comply with these safety provisions and ensure safety for themselves and others.  Workers will experience both safe and unsafe scenarios, which will help them understand the need for maintaining compliance.  

Mobile Scaffold Working Platform

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Taking off the lanyard is not a solution to easy work, but a recipe to disaster. This Virtual Reality module explains the consequences of removing the harness for quicker completion of work. At the end of the experience, workers would understand why safety compliances cannot be toyed with while working on mobile scaffolds.

Falls While Checking Ladder Trolley

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Ladder Trolley forms an important part of height work in the railways’ sector and is again fraught with danger. This Virtual Reality training experience seeks to educate workers on the safe and unsafe ways to conduct this activity, which includes the usage of Full Body Harness and having a top-rail, mid-rail, and toe guard of the required specifications.

Horizontal Movement on Towers

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This Virtual Reality experience is meant for people who work at heights, especially whose job involves Horizontal Movement on towers. The purpose and scope of this demonstration bear resemblance with that of Ascending & Descending on Towers, and therefore involves inspection of a supervisor before work commencement, the usage of Horizontal Lifeline with Fall Arrestor, wearing of safety equipment, maintenance of 3-point contact, etc. Workers are allowed to perform safe and unsafe practices, which helps them understand the consequences of the latter.

Fall of Material on Workmen

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Fall of material on workmen is among the many causes of workplace injuries and fatalities. This Virtual Reality training module equips workers on the know-how of handling materials while working at heights, which includes the placement of the materials at an appropriate distance, the usage of safety PPEs, and barricades. The hands-on experience could help workers understand the importance of following these safety measures.

Usage of Appropriate Ladder

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Work at substations must be carried on as per the basic specified requirements. This Virtual Reality experience takes the worker through the safe and unsafe method of using a ladder during work. The module specifically covers the usage of the appropriate ladder, co-worker support, maintenance of 3-point contact, height work permits, and usage of PPEs. The experience would help workers to be fully aware of the prerequisites that pave the way for safe work. 

Falls During Roof Sheeting Work

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It is alright to communicate with a co-worker or offer any help, but not at the cost of one’s own life. This Virtual Reality experience demonstrates how unsafe it is to remove the safety harness to quickly lend a helping hand while working on the roofs during sheeting work. The safe and unsafe scenarios are designed to change the mindset of workers concerning safety provisions.

Use of Man Lift Near Power Lines

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Working near power lines involves a lot of danger. This Virtual Reality experience trains workers on the ways to keep themselves safe in such scenarios by obtaining a permit from the supervisor before work and usage of safety harnesses. It takes them through both safe and unsafe work processes to help then understand the intricacies and dangers involved in the work while educating them on the avoidance measures.

Precautions for Dropper & Clipping

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The ignorance of one worker could result in multiple other fatalities. Here, we have designed a Virtual Reality demonstration to educate employees on the importance of following Safe Practices for the usage of dropper & clipping while working on railway tracks. It depicts why the crew members and signalmen must maintain all the essential safety precautions while working on a trolley. Virtual Reality could drive workers in following safety norms, as it could help them feel the dangers of not doing so.