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Feel the Passion, Earn the Trust


Unique, compelling, unforgettable, and personalized experiences are simply what marketers must bring to the table these days. Virtual Reality can help provide stand-out experiences to customers, creating a lasting impression on their minds. Read on.


Improve Customer Services with Empathy Training


It takes a lot of business acumen to build a rapport, but moments to lose them all. It’s so important to be in the shoes of the customer always and to understand their varying needs. Read on.


Virtual Reality for Leadership Training


Leadership training, in general, may denote any training initiatives that aim to equip people with leadership skills. However, a lot of elements constitute these very skills. Read on.


Virtual Reality Training in the Automotive Industry


Imagine training with an equipment or learning complex skills? Is theoretical training enough? Is there a better alternative? How effective is it?  Read on.


Virtual Reality Training Vs Desktop Based Training


How much value does VR offer over other types of training (e.g., desktop-based computer training)? We implemented VR systems in a company that was employing desktop training, and here’s what we found.


Academic Publisher Case Study


Considering the severe need for embedding creativity in their educational content, a renowned academic publisher was exploring ways to explain complex concepts in a simple manner that uniquely and easily caters to the grasping minds of our tender ones…


Car Manufacturer Case Study


A car manufacturer, renowned for embracing new technology and communication techniques across its various domains, sought to explore a method through which it could showcase the capabilities of emerging technologies to the employees and customers of the entity in a catchy manner…


Construction Company Case Study


Unskilled laborers engaged in construction works do not generally follow safety precautions, which puts their safety at stake. The hazardous practice, occurring due to a lack of awareness, results in significant losses to life, time and material. The traditional mode of on-site job training was not only expensive and time-consuming but was hardly catering to the safety needs of the workers…


Hospital Safety Case Study


A hospital wanted to explore a method through which they could provide their patients and employees with the know-how of handling fire incidents. The areas of awareness creation they sought for include the prevention of hazards, dealing with physical injuries or accidents, and actions to be taken during emergency situations…


Tractor Company Case Study


A tractor company sought to create an experience for customers, retailers and employees using AR, VR HoloLens and Holocube. Catalogues and brochures were marketing tools of the past, and the customers of today demand a unique experience of the product that helps them in relating to it. It is however not practical to take a tractor to every customer…



TNQ InGage provides immersive technology solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for training, product visualisation, maintenance and prototyping. 

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