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Material Handling (Loading/Unloading)


Like many manual works, Material Handling comes with its own risks – this could result from improper stacking of materials, non-usage of handling aids, etc. Virtual Reality Safety Training offers an engaging platform for these workers to practice risky tasks in the confines of an immersive setting. Here is a system where they could experience safe and unsafe scenarios of each task’s processes in real-time, where physical training could prove too dangerous. In these modules, we have covered the key aspects of safe and unsafe practices involved in any material handling activity, which includes: 

  1.       Power Transmission Lines 
  2.       Substation 

By considering the activities involved in all these verticals, we have covered the key aspects of safe and unsafe practices involved through the following immersive training modules:

  1.       Material Handling Without Hydra Crane 
  2.       Material Handling Using Hydra Crane

Number of Modules in Category: 2 (two) 

Total Module Time: 8 Minutes 28 Seconds

Description of Modules

Material Handling Without Hydra Crane

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Handling of materials requires care and precaution. This Virtual Reality experience trains people on the importance of using proper equipment and PPE and following the essential procedures during tower foundation, excavation and stringing activities. It takes them through both safe and unsafe work processes so that they could understand the nature of this work and the perils of mismanaging it.

Material Handling Using Hydra Crane

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Material handling jobs must be safely handled to avoid any mishaps. This Virtual Reality training module educates workers on the know-how of loading/unloading materials from a truck. The scope of experience pertains to the usage of guy ropes and workplace inspections. Workers would be able to practice both safe and unsafe scenarios to get a first-hand experience of the process.