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Virtual Assembly Line:

Engineers will be able to design and build a complete product line in the virtual environment. 


Hazard Identification:

The entire manufacturing line is recreated realistically and potential safety hazards are identified before the production begins. 

Virtual Reality Ergonomics

3D models of machines are created for collaborative interactions to ensure the safety and efficiency of the machines. 


AR, VR & MR are the critical components of Industry 4.0 – The road to digitalisation

TNQ InGage’s immersive solutions are designed to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction while helping engineers redefine the current manufacturing process.



We at TNQ INGAGE work to help engineers refine their manufacturing processes. Our field service tools for the manufacturing industry include Repair and Maintenance, Expert Assistance, and Quality Control. Our range of services are designed to enhance the safety and productivity levels of any workplace, using a technology that is truly transformational.

Some of our customized modules, designed for excellence:

  • Expert Assistance
  • Assembly and Maintenance
  • Workplace Design & Layout
  • Product Development
  • Quality Control
  • Inventory Picking
  • Safety and Procedural Training
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Training with VR


What we offer:

Assembly & Maintenance

Our training modules cover product assembly, disassembly and maintenance training, planning of machine and line changeovers drills, and comprehensive safety training. 

Workplace Design and Layout

Our VR training modules reduce risk and can accelerate implementation during laying of complex automated facilities. It benefits configuration, safety and workplace ergonomics.

Design & Development

Our customised VR solution allows engineers to visualise, collaborate, review and annotate through a multi-user approach, before building prototypes. Benefits include faster time-to-market and improved product design. 

Field Service with AR

Our field service tools for the manufacturing industry include:


Repair and Maintenance

Our predefined templates deliver rapid translation of print manuals to digital formats through AR. This technique overlays key information on a display device (tablet/AR glasses) enabling technicians to work hands-free and faster, with each step in a troubleshooting or repair process displayed in their field of view.



Expert Assistance

Manufacturing companies utilise our AR solutions to deliver expert support. AR provides remote experts the ability to see what the technicians see, to give instant feedback. This saves time and travel costs while ensuring the task gets done faster.



Quality Control

Our customised AR solutions guide operators through inspection tasks and perform the actual inspections, identifying where parts are missing or have been incorrectly assembled. 


TNQ InGage provides immersive technology solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for training, product visualisation, maintenance and prototyping. 

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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality for training, Product Visualization, Maintenance & Prototyping
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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality for training, Product Visualization, Maintenance & Prototyping
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TNQ InGage immersive solutions are designed to enhance productivity, customer satisfaction and help field engineers and redefine the current manufacturing process.