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Improve Sales Conversion by 60% with AR Marketing


Communication is the lifeline of any business. This Case Study explores how an immersive campaign can go a long way in tackling communication challenges, with or without the help of a brand store.


  1. Lack of control over product presentation  
  2. Lack of product knowledge among sales personnel 
  3. Lack of creative ways to educate staff 
  4. Customers don’t get the right communication points and fail to gauge the USP of the product

What Can Address These Challenges?

  1. Visual assets that could educate the sales personnel about the product
  2. A real-world atmosphere for customers to experience the product


TNQ InGage worked with a renowned electronic firm to tackle the challenges faced in communicating product messages across numerous brand stores and distributors. The marketing and distribution of products across such a vast landscape meant that the company couldn’t be in complete control of the way the products were presented. While there was no dearth of unique selling propositions across all their product ranges, not all sales personnel were trained to impart the same to the customers.

Immersive Technology, for Marketing with a Decisive Touch  

Note: Our client wishes to be anonymous, which we fully respect and adhere with

TNQ InGage Solution

TNQ InGage helped the company launch an AR campaign at one of its distribution centers. We created a 3D replica of the many ranges of products the company sold, with the objective of helping the staff to get acquainted with the product details, and for customers to get a realistic feel of the product. This created the much-needed context and interactivity, easing selling and procurement in unique ways. The Hololens feature provided customers with a detailed spec on each and every aspect of the product, which made for effortless decision-making.

Results at a Glance

  1. An interactive way to showcase products/services
  2. 80% improvement in product knowledge
  3. 60% increase in customer engagement
  4. 60% increase in sales conversions
  5. 40% increase in customer footfalls
TNQ InGage provides immersive technology solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for training, product visualisation, maintenance and prototyping. 

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