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Improve Customer Services with Empathy Training


It takes a lot of business acumen to build a rapport, but moments to lose them all. It’s so important to be in the shoes of the customer always and to understand their varying needs. 

Immersive learning offers a platform wherein employees can do exactly that – empathize with the needs of the customer and practise the appropriate response to various situations of conflict.

Virtual Reality – Transforming Training with Empathy

Challenges in the Traditional Training System

  1. Lack of an empathy mechanism to track and understand the changing needs of the customer 
  2. Limited/no access to practise role plays with an experiential touch, or in other words – a real-time social environment  
  3. Lack of a system to analyse the comfort, confidence levels, and performance of the trainees

What can be the Solution

  1. An experiential platform where employees can get into the shoes of the customers, manage them, and to de-escalate issues 
  2. A social environment for real-time practise of pressure situations
  3. A system that can analyse the fluency and performance of the trainees


In the realm of customer services, frustration and subsequent loss of business support is always on the cards. And as observed, this is where employees must maintain their composure and respond adequately. This Case Study explores how Virtual Reality could alter the landscape of soft skill training.

TNQ InGage Solution

TNQ InGage implemented an immersive platform for a major insurance company. This is a space where a sales conversion is the most demanding, where customers lose patience in a business deal. The immersive scenarios so created helped employees empathize with, manage and de-escalate customer impatience or dissatisfaction. It made them more ready and confident to manage difficult customer situations, while helping them understand the reasons of customer frustration and the need for empathy in such circumstances. 

Besides this, the trainers were also able to analyse the fluency, confidence level and overall performance of the trainees.

Benefits Reported

  1. Improved retention of concepts among trainees 
  2. Employees more adept at handling pressure situations 
  3. Increased customer retention 
  4. The feedback system ensured correction of crucial communication errors at an early stage
TNQ InGage provides immersive technology solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for training, product visualisation, maintenance and prototyping. 

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