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How Immersive Experience Makes Safety a Priority


Electrical accidents have the potential to be fatal, or at least life-threatening. A survey by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) suggests that out of 1.560 workplace electrical injuries in 2018, 9% were fatal due to electrical shock. Can videos and manuals still hold the answer? Let’s understand this with a Case Study. 


  1. The inadequacy of traditional videos & textbooks to prepare workers for complex & dangerous tasks  
  2. Lack of engagement or interaction, which reduces the scope of retention 
  3. Lack of practical, hands-on experience before undertaking major tasks

What can be the Solution

  1. An immersive, hands-on simulation experience that facilitates on-the-job training
  2. A system to track spatial data, which can be captured for future use 
  3. An engaging learning platform for users to absorb, relate with, and retain 


Workplaces that involve the handling of electrical systems follow very stringent & intricate procedures, designed for safety. But the lack of awareness or know-how of the basic compliance measures could lead to severe injuries or fatalities. The rise in workplace accidents suggests that traditional manuals and instructions have not been hugely successful in keeping the workforce abreast of safe work compliances. And it is noteworthy that the code of conduct for these work processes allows no room for mistakes. 

TNQ InGage worked with a major electrical engineering facility to address the aforementioned challenges. 

Note: Our client wishes to be anonymous, which we fully respect and adhere with

TNQ InGage – Redefining Safety Acumen 


The Lock-Out tag out procedure is among the most important procedures followed across the electrical industry. The procedure requires users to lock and shut off all machines before doing any maintenance work on them. 

The simulation we created aimed at ensuring that the participants made appropriate use of protective gear and shut off the electrical systems in a prescribed way. These steps were measured by capturing spatial data through eye-tracking and user interactions. The sessions were recorded in the VR platform and stored so that evaluators could make use of it to understand the performance of learners throughout the scenario. 

  1. The Company Reported:

    • 80% improvement in retention rates 
    • Improved awareness and compliance with safety norms 
    • Timely completion of tasks, in a safe and productive way 
    • Easier assessment of training progress
TNQ InGage provides immersive technology solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for training, product visualisation, maintenance and prototyping. 

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