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The Challenge

A hospital wanted to explore a method through which they could provide their patients and employees with the know-how of handling fire incidents. The areas of awareness creation they sought for include the prevention of hazards, dealing with physical injuries or accidents, and actions to be taken during emergency situations.

The Solution

The hospital sought our expertise for training employees to act swiftly during a fire incident. To meet this requirement, we came up with a VR experience that educates them on the different types of fires and their sources, and on the usage of extinguishers. The immersive training package allowed users to perform an exercise to escape from a building on fire to a place of safety.

Out of the Box


As observed above, users of this experience would be trained in terms of the choice of fire extinguishers for different fire accidents, causes of fire propagation, hazard identification, and fire evacuation. It is impractical to conduct these drills in a non-emulated, live setting. Given that, real-life emulation has emerged as a Unique Selling Portfolio (USP) of the Virtual Reality segment.

The Setup

Oculus Rift Virtual reality system with high-end tower PC running MS Windows.

End Notes

Research suggests that VR is more appropriate for rendering training on cognitive skills that helps in remembering and understanding spatial and visual information. Most establishments have now made VR training the basis of their approach, in addition to standard emergency response protocols and evacuation drills.


TNQ InGage provides immersive technology solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for training, product visualisation, maintenance and prototyping. 

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