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Gas Cutting Training simulator


Gas Cutting operations require a lot of precautions, as the work involves elements that can get toxic anytime. Workers must be adequately trained to handle these processes. Virtual Reality Safety Training helps workers to understand the steps involved in the process in a simplified way. 

By considering the activities involved in all these verticals, we have covered the key aspects of safe and unsafe practices involved through the following immersive training modules:

  1. Gas Cutting Training simulator – Assembly & Usage Training

The module has been presented in a clear and concise manner to cater to the better understanding, retention, and safety of the trainees.

Number of Modules in the Category: 1 (one)

Duration of Module: 23 Minutes 07 Seconds

Description of Modules

Gas Cutting Training simulator - Assembly & Usage Training

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This Virtual Reality training experience primarily helps workers to understand the process of assembling and disassembling a gas-cutting set. Besides that, the experience touches upon lighting and shut down operations, the differences between flashbacks & backfire, as well as the differences between neural, carburizing and oxidizing flame.