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Feel the Passion, Earn the Trust


Unique, compelling, unforgettable, and personalized experiences are simply what marketers must bring to the table these days. Virtual Reality can help provide stand-out experiences to customers, creating a lasting impression on their minds. 


  1. Lack of knowledge or an essence towards the product/service to be sold 
  2. Distracting, unfulfilling training content 
  3. Travel and lost productivity costs incurred for learning tours

What can be the Solution

  1. An immersive training program for an effective in-house training 
  2. An engaging curriculum that keeps your team on the edge


The very purpose of Virtual Reality is to immerse us into another environment and provide an experience unlike any other, something that brochures and other marketing materials do not certainly provide. We had the opportunity to work with a leading manufacturer of food products. Many of their employees don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the company’s production process. To address this gap, we created a VR tour of the entire production process, from one of its factories. 

TNQ InGage – Engaging, Transformative 

TNQ InGage Solution

Experts Suggest that VR training has a retention rate of 75%, beating out lectures (5%), reading (10%), and audio-visual learning (20%)

Travel costs often incur unnecessary losses on companies. The Virtual Tour we created provided safer, engaging, distraction-free, and cost-effective in-person tours for trainees. It helped them understand how their company constantly achieves their high quality of food production and compliance with safety standards. The simulated training helped establish a sense of trust in the processes, in the very activities that the company is involved in. The result? Trainees automatically exhibit this trust to the customers. 

Benefits Reported

  1. A cost-effective, distraction-free, safer, and engaging learning platform
  2. Trainees acquainted with the knowledge, feel the essence of the product they sell
  3. Confident and passionate sales approach
TNQ InGage provides immersive technology solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for training, product visualisation, maintenance and prototyping. 

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