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Derrick Poles and Heavy Panels


Derrick operators could fall from heights, suffer an electric shock, suffer injury from sharp working tools or by blows from falling objects or moving elements of the derrick. They may also become entangled in, or crushed by, moving parts of machinery, belts, chains, and ropes. Virtual Reality offers a space where workers can learn to avoid these mishaps by learning the consequences (virtually) of committing it. In these modules, we have covered the key aspects of safe and unsafe practices involved in any of these activities across various work settings, which includes: 

  1. Power Transmission lines 
  2. Substation 

By considering the activities involved in all these verticals, we have covered the key aspects of safe and unsafe practices involved through the following immersive training modules:

  1. Derrick Poles and Heavy Panels
  2. Failure of Tools and Plants
  3. Tower Erection Using Derrick Pole

Each of the modules has been presented in a clear and concise manner to cater to the better understanding, retention, and safety of the trainees. 

Number of Modules in Category: 3 (three)

Total Module Time: 14 Minute 37 Seconds

Description of Modules

Derrick Poles and Heavy Panels

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Derrick operators are involved in dangerous tasks that involve height work. Improper lifting of panels could lead to severe injuries. These factors prompt workers to undergo training in the safety confines of a virtual environment so that they could gather the experience and knowledge required for this work. Virtual Reality takes them through both safe and unsafe scenarios so that they could have a first-hand experience before getting into the field. Some of the areas covered in this training include the maintenance of 3-point location and minimum overlapping of 1/3rd metres.

Tower Erection by Using Derrick Pole

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Derrick poles are usually shifted to the tower location prior to commencement of erection work. This Virtual Reality demonstration explains why a site engineer/supervisor must visit the store and conduct inspections before shifting the pole to tower location. The module would ensure that the workers get adept with the essential know-how of the same.

Failure of Tools and Plants

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Tools & Plants require proper maintenance and must be thoroughly inspected before work commencement. This Virtual Reality experience emphasizes the importance of using inspected tools & plants in a worksite. Through this immersive platform, workers would be able to experience both safe and unsafe scenarios of working with these utilities.