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The world we live in is increasingly getting digital. Our morning dailies and media channels are brimmed with adverts and reviews of the latest technological gadgets and opinions on how our industries would be impacted by the onset of these exciting changes. Considering this, the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) organized its maiden edition of “AI Application & Digi-Tech Summit & Expo”, based on the theme “Shifting to Applied Intelligence”. The event was held in Bangalore on the 11th and 12th of February. Our company CEO, Mr Vijay Karunakaran, was honoured to be a speaker and a member of the steering committee that organized the event.

AI application & Digi-Tech Summit & Expo was conducted with the object of creating enhanced awareness on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) among various stakeholders and connecting with the user industry to help them understand and embed these technologize in their respective business areas. The event focussed on the segments of healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail & e-commerce, transport & logistics, and homeland security. For TNQ InGage, it provided an opportunity to portray how our range of immersive solutions, along with AI, could play a defining role in various industrial segments, particularly healthcare. The presentation initially covered the ways Augmented and Virtual Realities will transform the ways we create and experience content and what this brilliant technology is about. Later, our CEO went on to speak about the varied and compelling utilities of AR and VR in healthcare, of how it could rewire the brain and impact human behaviour, the marquee role it plays in low vision assessments when integrated with AI, etc. 

TNQ InGage extends its delight and gratitude to the CII on providing us with an opportunity to be a part of the event, which helped us showcase how Virtual and Augmented Realities could transform our business processes for the better.