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It takes great pride and honour to represent a nation in its defence. No other domain holds so much stake for national security. A job that is so high-profile and demanding needs to be backed up by quality training. Augmented and Virtual Realities could prove to be a dynamic tool for defence forces given its cutting-edge training capabilities. It is by far the only technology that has found a way to train people for hazardous tasks in environments that are otherwise not conducive for training. It is a cost-effective solution that could make a difference in the way people learn and execute complex tasks; be it a parachute jump, jungle boat incursion or artic mission, VR offers trainees what they need most – exposure to experiences that may be impossible to replicate in a physical setting. It lays the foundation for people to train without any risk of injury or death. As the methods of warfare are constantly evolving, adapting to the burgeoning changes is highly essential to maintain a competitive edge.

The CEO of TNQ InGage, Mr Vijay Karunakaran had, on the 12th of December 2019, been invited for a two-day exhibition on the theme ‘Technology for Training’. The event was held on the sidelines of the 33rd Tri-Series Training Commanders Conference (TSTTC-19) at Naval Base, Kochi. The Conference was an annual meeting of the Commander-in-Chief of the Training Commands of the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. It provided us with an opportunity to showcase how Immersive Technology would make a difference to our mighty armed forces and gave us a platform to talk about our varied experiences in the ambit of AR/VR. The in-house stall again allowed us to provide a hands-on experience of our Immersive capabilities, for which we received a raving response. We hope that our presence would go on to redefine the training methods of our mighty armed forces. Last but not the least, we extend our gratitude to the Naval Institute of Aeronautical Technology for inviting us to the event.

TNQ InGage

We at TNQ InGage work constantly towards delivering cutting-edge Immersive Technology Solutions to Meaningful Social Projects. We have, till now, delivered more than hundreds of scenarios and modules on safety and process training, among other functionalities. We sincerely hope that the work we do would one day manage to hone the capabilities of our mighty Armed Forces and thereby manifest the perfection already in them.