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It’s 2020, and the new year coincides with the dawn of a decade brimmed with possibilities. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the first of its kind in the world. We are experiencing a series of change that would richly transform our work and personal lives. The transformative climate prompts for healthier discussions and debates as industries need to adapt to the impending changes that may come unannounced.

The CEO of TNQ InGage, Mr Vijay Karunakaran, had the opportunity to be a Guest Speaker in a Forum conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). In a span of 30 minutes, he talked and discussed the widespread industrial applications of Augmented and Virtual Realities. The event, which was represented by several members affiliated to many renowned establishments, took place on 22nd November 2019.

The event had valued discussions on how AR/VR and other technologies could transform the scope and way we conduct our work. We had immense pleasure in being a part of this great event and like to extend our gratitude to the CII for this valued opportunity. We hope our presence managed to create awareness of the ever-evolving tech space and the array of opportunities it presents.

The CTO Forum, an initiative of the CII, is a platform that facilitates cross-country thought leadership and enables collaboration among the technology visionaries across Industry, Academia, and R&D Institutions. Its area of focus pertains to technological advancements and disruptions faced by industries. The Forum encourages knowledge-sharing of best practices and experiences. A Guest Speaker is invited for every meeting to keep the members abreast on emerging disruptive technologies and adaptation mechanisms.

The InGage Family is among the pioneers in developing AR/VR experiences. Since our inception in 2012, we have completed more than 500 projects, worked with more than 250 customers, and created more than 50 million AR/VR experiences. We have and continue to cater to many industrial domains such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. We aim to be a part of socially meaningful projects that creates new and exciting dimensions in our work and personal lives. We hope that this pursuit of ours paves the way for a renewed and vibrant society.